23 July 2015


Paul Smith Rose Eau De Parfum Paul Smith Rose Eau De Parfum
Currently loving this perfume by Paul Smith, smells so refreshingly floral and elegant. Perfect to wear throughout the summer!

I first smelt this beauty whilst travelling on holiday to Greece in the duty-free section, and I fell in love with it instantly. Some people mistake Rose scents for older women (and to be honest, sometimes I do too), but this scent compliments all ages!

With extracts of a rose at its heart, blended with Turkish rose oil, green tea and touches of cedar. This is a true feminine fragrance that smells beautiful and always leaves me feeling refreshed throughout the day.

This is my go-to everyday scent at the moment. It's light and not too overpowering, but the smell lingers with you all day which is a bonus! At only £22.00 (HERE) for a 100ml bottle, which also includes a pretty floral carry pouch, it's a bargain!

Do you like the rose scents in Paul Smith Rose Eau De Parfum? Leave your comments/opinions below.

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