31 August 2015


Hands down, I'm lazy. Lazy with most things at home, cooking, cleaning, etc. If it requires me to move, then well you have no chance. At work, I'm completely opposite and the most helpful person you can meet. I seriously need help balancing the two!

Cleaning makeup brushes can take forever, especially when you have a vast collection. So the solution is to find the quickest, easiest way to achieve clean, bacterial free brushes! & I think I have found it! The Pro Hygiene Collection Makeup Brush Cleaner is an antibacterial sanitizer, for natural and synthetic brushes. Simply spray the bottle directly onto your makeup brushes and wipe off with a tissue until the brush is clean. Leave for a couple of minutes, then hey presto clean, dry brushes ready to be used again! See how hassle free that is? 

I am totally impressed with this brush cleanser and true to the box, it is super quick and easy to do! One of the downsides I hate about washing your brushes with shampoo, is how long it takes for them to dry! With this spray, you can simply clean a brush and use it back on your face in a matter of minutes. Impressive if you ask me.

Do you have any quick brush cleaning tips? x

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29 August 2015


Can we just start off with how cute the Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer packaging is? Sooo pretty! I love the square design, it's very simple but chic at the same time! Also, it helps keep your lipsticks in place without the hassle of them rolling around everywhere!

Anyway, moving on! The Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer range features a new relevation for the lipstick world. What with it being a colour and a primer all in one, makes it a must have product for any lipstick fanatic! The Pop Lip colour coats the lips with an intense moisturising colour, all in one smooth application. Some moisturising lip products have a tendency for the colours to be washed out, and with poor durability as well. However, these are seriously vibrant and the primer part makes it last all day! I apply this at 7.00am before work and by 4.30pm it is still looking great on the lips...WIN! 

The range features 16 beautiful colours to suit every complexion. The two I purchased are slightly on the nude side as I can easily pop them into my handbag and wear them on a daily basis, especially at work.
TOP: 09 Sweet Pop
BOTTOM: 05 Melon Pop
I just love these two colours, so pretty and match my complexion perfectly. I now need to purchase more colours from the range as they are truly amazing and last all day!

What are your thoughts on the Clinique Pop Lip + Primers?

22 August 2015


Admittedly, I had never heard of Lily Lilo's beauty range before. It was only when I was searching the endless results on FeelUnique for a good mineral foundation, that I stumbled onto this amazing brand! Now, I don't know what I'd do without it. All these products have become my go-to everyday makeup routine, as they are so brilliant!


This shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. Some foundations I struggle to find the right lightness to compliment my skin, without being too orange or white. But this foundation has the right amount of yellow tones in it to enhance my skin's natural beauty. As I have never used a mineral foundation before, I was a bit dubious about how well the coverage would be as a powder formula, instead of a liquid base which I am used to. But this foundation covers up all my red patches and dark circles perfectly, without any creasing. Yes, I still have to cover up some of my annoying spots with a concealer beforehand, as they are not the type to easily hide. Yet that's a small price to pay when using a great product which is long lasting also!


"You and me we can light up the world"...yes, this mineral shimmer is just like that Take That song from the Stardust movie. See what I done there huh? Genius I tell you. You will be glowing head to toe wearing this product as you can use it on the face and body. Just lightly mix some in with your body moisturiser for an all over glow, or dust the product across your face and d├ęcollage to enhance it in the light. Either way, this product is amazing! The mineral shimmer is very light on the skin and will enhance your features beautifully with an added bit of sparkle. I love how it subtly highlights your skin without being too much or tacky, unlike some highlighters I have used. A little goes a long way, so I will be getting a lot of uses from this product which is a bonus.


Think I was finished with shimmers? Think again! This shimmer stripes in the shade rose glow is a perfect mix of pink and white tones, to give your cheekbones a lovely subtle finish. It's a super soft compressed powder with a gentle formula to not irritate your skin. I like to take my blusher brush and sweep it along all the striped colours at once, as they work perfectly together. Especially the white shimmers, as they highlight the pink tones beautifully on the skin. This product can also double up as an eyeshadow compact, as well as a blusher.


I hate looking back at old photos and seeing how unkept my eyebrows were! Now I make sure that I tame my eyebrows regularly and make them look perfect with makeup when going out. This eyebrow duo compact by Lily Lilo is so cute! I just love how small and tiny it is! Perfect size to travel along with you on a daily basis. The compressed powder formula is perfect to fill in and define your brows naturally, instead of being too harsh with pencils and gel products. I like to keep my eyebrows looking natural and neat, so this product is perfect for me. Even though it's a small product, a little goes a long way and the wax side helps your brows stay in place all day.

Have you tried any Lily Lilo products before? x

16 August 2015


It's Sunday! So that means a lowdown on all the things I have been currently loving throughout the week.


As this is the UK, our summers can be really unpredictable. So much so, that this week I purchased myself a pair of fluffy slippers from Next. They are super soft and comfy, perfect for lounging around in! Yes, I know it's a bit premature as it's not autumn yet... but who cares? My tootsies needed warming up, and this was the best way I knew how!


This Carribean Crush body scrub from H&M is from their new beauty range, which is bracing our stores this Autumn. At first I was a bit dubious about the product, as many body scrubs in the past have irritated my sensitive skin. But it is very lightweight and mild, yet exfoliates all the body without any irritation, which is a big win for me. Oh and also the smell, it's to die for! Very fruity and makes you feel like you are on holiday! I shall be repurchasing the body scrubs from H&M in the future.


I have finally jumped onto the bandwagon and purchased the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. Apart from the name being a bit cringeworthy, I LOVE this mascara. I have found no faults with this mascara at all, it's just perfect! It curls and lengthens my lashes well without any clumping of the product, and you can keep building it up to achieve the false lash look. The blush metallic packaging is beautiful and makes the product look more on the expensive end of the beauty scale.


In a recent online order from Debenhams, I received a miniature beauty bag from Clinique with some of their products inside. One of them was the miniature Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Balm in Super Strawberry. For a freebie, I was very impressed with this product. It is super moisturising on the lips and gives a subtle pop of colour which is perfect for an everyday lip product. I have been turning to this product more throughout the week to wear at work, as it's super flattering and keeps my lips moisturised throughout the day. The colour lasts for longer than I was expecting what with it being a lip balm, so you don't need to constantly re-apply it all the time. I will be purchasing the full product in the future, as it's so good!

So that's it for this weeks favourites! Let me know in the comments below what you have been currently loving this week?

15 August 2015


Having combination skin can sometimes be a nightmare to control. Usually 9 out of the 12 months throughout the year my skin is very dry and sensitive, but the other months I suffer really badly with oily/greasy skin. I need to ensure that I use the right skincare products, depending on how my skin is reacting. So I thought I would share with you, my current 3 favourite products to target combination/oily skin.


I chop and change cleansers way to often, even before I am halfway through a product! Currently, there are too many bottles left unloved in my bathroom cupboard right now, that I 'almost' feel sorry for them. The truth is that I get bored of cleansers easily, and it takes a lot for a cleanser to win me over to repurchase again. As my skin has dramatically changed this summer from its usual dry and sensitive complexion, to super oily. It was time to search for a new cleanser that could help. Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel was one of the top recommendations on Feel Unique for oily, blemish prone skin. It claims to help purify the skin and regulate oil production, leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean.

I have been using this product morning and night for a couple of weeks now, and I can already see a difference with my skin! My severe oily areas have now calmed down, and my face feels fresher and softer without any signs of tightness. I no longer have trouble applying makeup in the morning, as my face is less oily and more controlled throughout the day. If anyone suffers from spot prone, oily skin, I definitely would recommend trying this product out and also a little goes a long way, which makes it great value for money! 

Hands down, I hardly ever use a toner after cleansing *Shocker*. Yes, I know I should, but I guess I haven't found one that actually claimed to do what it says on the bottle. That was until I tried the La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray. It is specifically designed to target key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin, and let me tell you, it works! This spray has made my face feel and look less greasy and more mattified. All you have to do is spray the product onto your skin after cleansing, leaving it to absorb for a few minutes before gently patting off any excess product. I like that it is quick and easy to use as a spray, rather than other toners dipped on cotton wool. This is a great product to use straight after the Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel, and I have noticed that both products have helped regulate my oil production.


There are various symptoms that could trigger oily skin, but usually it's because the complexion is dehydrated and produces more oils to compensate for it. That being said, you need to make sure that you moisturise to keep the complexion hydrated, but with a product that is oil-free to balance the skin's natural levels.

Previously, I was using a moisturiser to soothe my dry/sensitive skin (suffering from combination skin is a bitch), but as it turned oily I needed a new moisturiser. I have heard good reviews about The Balance Me Balance Face Moisturiser and having experienced the brand before, I purchase it. This moisturiser has really helped replenish and hydrate my skin and also clear up my oily patches without irritation. I really like how soothing and lightweight this product is. The pump application works well, and one pump is all you need to fully hydrate your face, which makes the product last longer!
I would recommend all these products, as together they have worked wonderfully to replenish my oily/combination skin. Do you have any skincare favourites to target oily/combination skin?

Moisturisers for oily skin might seem counterintuitive but often, an oily complexion is down to dehydrated skin. To remedy a greasy complexion, you need an oil-free moisturiser that balances the skin's natural levels, and one that's mattifying and shine-reducing in its properties. Not too much to ask, is it?
Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/beauty/best/13989/moisturiser-for-oily-skin.html#VXeGU2AM4fmoPood.99
Moisturisers for oily skin might seem counterintuitive but often, an oily complexion is down to dehydrated skin. To remedy a greasy complexion, you need an oil-free moisturiser that balances the skin's natural levels, and one that's mattifying and shine-reducing in its properties. Not too much to ask, is it?
Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/beauty/best/13989/moisturiser-for-oily-skin.html#VXeGU2AM4fmoPood.99

11 August 2015


Last Saturday I ventured to Whitstable in Kent, for a lovely evening in the sun. 

I love going to Whitstable, it's a nice place to visit with a quaint little town and various food places to eat from. We stopped off at Zizzi's for dinner and got the two Rustica Pizzas take away deal to eat along the beach, which was a great offer and so yummy! I had the Sofia Pizza for the first time, and let's just say it's a new favourite! Mmmm! 

To top it off, the weather was warm yet comfortable so it made it a lovely walk along the beach. Oh and not to forget, my outfit just screamed 'Whitstabley' and seasidey (if that is not a word, I am making it one haha). Got to love this dress from NewLook so pretty!

What I am wearing:

Dress: NewLook
Sandals: ASOS
Bag: NewLook
Sunglasses: ASOS
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Pandora
Rings: Pandora
Necklace: Tiffany

I would recommend visiting Whitstable if you are local or just visiting the area. If you do plan to visit, or have visited Whitstable before, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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09 August 2015


Currently Loving This Week - Over at www.peachandpjs.com


I have been loving this boat dress from NewLook, especially as the weather has been so lovely this week in the UK. It's so flattering on the body and adds a bit of character to the outfit with the eye-catching print. I wore this dress to the beach yesterday and felt like I fitted straight in with the environment. The dress is lightweight, airy, yet figure hugging in the right places - so perfect for these hot summer days! You look chic, feminine and cool, all at the same time! LOVE.


Okay... so this week I got a bit plant obsessive and bought two succulents from Homebase. I have always wanted some since stalking Pinterest and Instagram, and falling in love with how pretty they look against white backgrounds! These two plants with the white gloss pots came to a total of £10, which I thought was a bargain! There were many to choose from, and no doubt I'll be back again in the near future to collect more!


Mmm, Zizzi's! One of the top Italian places I like to visit whilst out and about. Whilst at the beach yesterday we picked up the takeaway deal where you can get two large Rustica pizzas with a drink for £20. I tried the Sofia pizza for the first time and let's just say I now have a new favourite, it was so yummy! To top it off, we ate the pizzas along the beach in the sunset, which was lovely.


Whenever I go out I always purchase an Appletiser, yet I forget you can actually purchase it in supermarkets doh haha! So that's what I have been doing this week, stocking up on Appletiser from ASDA to enjoy whilst relaxing in the garden at home. I love the simplicity of this drink, blended apples with carbonated water. So cool and refreshing, perfect for summer!


This video has probably been my most loved item from the week. Don't judge me, but I have watched it at least 40 times this week...(my bad). But when you see it, you'll understand why! 

Firstly I am slightly obsessed with Pugs and one day when I have my own place, I hope to have one. Secondly, it's the cutest/funniest video I have seen recently! You have to watch it, seriously every time I do I laugh, and that would be a record of around 40 times so far haha. I never knew about Doug the Pug before a friend shared this little beauty with me on Facebook, and now I am a faithful follower. You can check out the video HERE.

So that's it for this weeks favourites! What have been your favourites this week?

08 August 2015


Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies has to be my all time favourite drug-store mascara. Whenever I am in need of a new mascara, I always turn to this baby as it delivers wondrous results to my lashes! But when I was in Boots recently I picked up the Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara to see if it was worth the hype everyone has been going on about.

Personally, I was disappointment by this product. So many reviews have raved on about how amazing it is, and some even comparing it to Benefits They're Real Mascara. But I just could not get on with this product at all. Sure, the product makes my lashes look multiplying with a good curl, but that is about it.

I found that the mascara doesn't separate my lashes well, and constantly ends up looking too clumpy for my liking. I opted for the black waterproof option to last throughout the day, but even then the mascara tended to crumble down my face and leave my eyes irritated. You would think this would make it easier to remove the product...but think again! This has to be one of the hardest mascaras I have used to remove, and tended to take a number of my lashes out too in the process!

Overall I would be in no rush to purchase this product again, and would stick to my good old faithful Volum' Express mascara from Maybelline in the future.

What are your thoughts on Maybelline's Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara?

02 August 2015


So another month has been and gone! Eeeek! Why do they go so quickly? Just makes me feel older every day!

But anyway, I have done a YouTube video of my current favourites which I have been loving through the month of July. There are some beauty products, perfume and even a little random surprise at the end!

Hope you enjoy the video, and let me know in the comments below what have been your favourites this month? 

(P.S July was the month I started blogging. So happy first-month anniversary to blogging to me haha!)